Davide Naccarati

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Projects, Case Study and Practice

For those who were looking for a real portfolio, I am sorry to dissappoint you but you won't find anything like that. I still consider myself as an aspiring front end developer and despite the projects showed here are real projects I like to consider them as open products where I can practice and apply my studies in the web development.

Sergio Vacca

This is the second projects I built in March 2018. I was still working full time as IT Technician and I made it in a week after work.

It was fun to play with the CSS clip-path rules and Flexbox. It is a very simple website and not being a designer I tried to grab some ideas from the blue note cover albums.

Francesco Lomagistro

This is the restyling of my first customer's website I built at the end of 2017. It is still on github page waiting for the customer contents. It is made only with HTML/CSS. I built it starting from a mobile first approach but I am not sure it is the right way for me.

I played with CSS shape rules, hamburger menu button made only with CSS and I tried to use for the first time CSS variables. It was fun!

Benito Antonelli

For this projects, I wanted to restyle an old website I made with Wordpress for an appassionate indipendent scholar of Naval Archeology.

I used for the first time Bootstrap since I wanted to learn his basic functionality, such as its his grids system, his carousel and so on. Unfortunatelly this projects is still only on my GitHub page waiting for my customer pictures. Anyway I liked to use Bootstrap even if CSS-grids and Flexbox are changing the way to layout a website.

Berardi Jazz Connection

This project was the first time I played with Wordpress template. It gave me the opportunity to learn and understand how the PHP works, and I started putting the hands on it without compromising too much the template.

Anyway 4 or more years have passed and this website will be one of my next restyling projects where I am going to use only HTML/CSS and JavaScript